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About Johnny Jarosek



My name is Johnny Jarosek.  I am beginning my twenty-sixth year as a teacher, 17 of which were in a public kindergarten classroom, then eight years in a private kindergarten classroom.  I am now returning to the public school classroom here at Moody ISD.


I was born and raised in Temple and lived there until I was 21.  At that time I left home for college and a career.  I returned to Temple thirty-two years ago and have lived here since that time.  I am an ordained deacon, a member of Memorial Baptist Church and have been married to my first and only wife, Lisa, for the past 43 years as of this coming September 6.  Our daughter, Ladyanne, is 40.  She is Dean of Instruction for 7th-12th grades for Bastrop ISD this year.  Our son, age 38, has an associate’s degree from Temple College.  He and his wife, Jamie, live in Florida with their two boys.  Our second daughter, Kanisha, will be 19 years old on August 30 and will be attending Texas Tech as a freshman this semester where she will be working on a degree in forensic psychology.  She came to us as a foster child when she was nine days old and at nine months she made our home her permanent residence when we officially adopted her