Darla Fisher » Bio


Hi! My name is Darla Fisher! I am one of the PPCD (Pre-k Program for Children with Disabilities) teachers. I am excited for the new year, and eager for the smiling faces to enter my classroom.
This is my fourth year teaching PPCD and I have loved every minute. This new year brings many changes and new experiences. I am ready for them all!
7:50-8:15  Breakfast
8:15-8:30   Circle
8:30-9:00   Small group
9:00-9:30   Specials
9:30-10:30  Center time 
10:30-11:00 Lunch
11:00-11:35 IEP tubs
11:35-1:00   Nap
1:00-1:20     snack
1:20-1:30     Bus ready
1:30-2:00     recess/home